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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Santa's Elves Have Been Working Their Magic

Can you hear the fairies flitting about?  They're so excited to see what the elves have delivered. Oooh, look... it's Wendy Froud's latest DVD .  I know how they feel.  I've waited for so long I can hardly catch my breath.  I know, I know - patience is a virtue.  I'm sure I've been a pest to a certain someone ;)    But what a wonderful treat for the holidays. As you may recall, with the help of Wendy's last DVD, "Creating a Faery Figure with Wendy Froud", I lead a gossamer of fairy lovers on a magical journey; ending in a fairy of the very own to inspire and guide them on future magical journeys into the Land of the Fae.  Now I plan to venture into Wonderland, the Underworld and who knows where else with Wendy's latest DVD.  What magical creatures await?!  There's only one way to find out. If you'd like to join me and others (that own the new DVD) on one of those magical journeys, enter your email in the box below.   It's 100% free and all you need is the DVD and a positive attitude to participate. Whether you prefer to learn alone or with a group, I suggest you fly over to the World of Froud and snatch up a copy before they disappear into Never-Never-Land.  I'm patiently waiting, did you hear that Santa ;) , for the elves to deliver mine.  Get a sneak peek here.

Happy journeys,

Daydreamer :)

P.S. Don't forget to use the promo code: WOFGIFT08 for $5 off and if you don't own Wendy's first DVD, you may want to add that to your order as well.

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Stepping off the edge said...

I went to the market, and sadily, with head hung low, I left w/o the Froud. Already gone! ****POOF****
hmm. maybe Santa will find one and put it in my stocking. The first was FAB!. I "did" a workshop with her in the City, just after she filmed the new one - so I've been drooling for it... SIgh. patience, i suppose will be my new year's resolution!
Wishing you those peaceful snow moments!
Tracey J

Daydreamer :) said...

Are you serious, Tracey - already?! I knew they'd be gobbled up fast, but they just announced it Tuesday.

Thanks, those moments are so hard to come by around here. Too much noise pollution - LOL. I'm just glad I don't live in a BIG city. I'm going to see if hubby will go kayaking this weekend. There are some quiet places on the river sometimes.

I'm going to try to make her workshop when she comes here in 2009.

H :)

Alan said...

Hi there. I stumbled upon your blog through another we have in common.
If you get a chance check out Robot Nine, today I posted Mark Khaiman and his cool art made of packing tape on plexiglass. Unbelievable, lots of positive comments already.

Chicken Lips said...

Looks like a wonderful DVD. I've always wanted to take one of their workshops, but I don' think they come to So. Cal :(

Hope you have a wonderful and creative-filled 2009.