The other side of "Heather's Daydreams":  A glimpse into my dark side.

Welcome to my nigtmare!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Welcome to My Nightmare!

Well I guess you must've finally nodded off while relaxing in my daydream catcher and fallen right into my nightmare :O Don't be afraid - my dark side isn't THAT scary.  You'll find it's an enchanting realm, where you'll run into some not-so-spooky characters. You never know what's around the corner, but I can tell you this :::::whispering to you::::: I've seen giggling goblins, Ghosties, bopping mice, dragons and much more here.  Just don't let them trick you!  Please, I insist you stay for a spell.  Oh, and don't be surprised if you see things disappearing and reappearing here and there.  You'll get used to the way things work around here soon enough.

Happy nightmares,
Daydreamer :)


Stepping off the edge said...

Ooohhh! I'm soo excited (wringing hands together) Muu-waaahhh aaah aaah ~ Welcome to the darkside! We have cookies!!

Daydreamer :) said...

Thanks for the cold welcome to this side. I'll have to pass on THOSE cookies though - LOL.

Heather :)